In the late 19th century drew the baker Johann Josef Fuchs and his wife Anna Maria Fuchs born Hein of Müsch / Ahr to cross Nick, with the intention to buy a house there. Upon their arrival, they found that her notary had settled with velvet the outstretched money to America. It remained for them only to reverse.
The ride back led through the village Boos where they initially came in the old rectory. This house was acquired by the municipality in 1802 as a farmhouse and used after several reconstructions in the aftermath vicarage and private rentals. Here they were established and founded a short time later a restaurant along with bakery. The foundation for today's "Gasthof Zur Quelle" was set in order.
One of her sons, who later became host and baker Johann Nikolaus Fuchs took over the family business. With the marriage of Gertrude Half's widow in 1912, the business finally got upturn. 1950 took over her son Clemens and his wife Margarethe born Kreutz, the restaurant. After substantial renovation and expansion of the inn is since 1990 under the direction of Elvira and Karl-Heinz Fuchs.